Monday, January 19, 2015

January, 2015

Starting the New Year off by updating Dallen's Missionary Blog!

January 19th
Well everyone, Transfer week. They are always odd. Lost of goodbyes and lots of Hellos, just not from me because I stayed up here in Harlan. I am glad too. First, because I didn't have to pack. Packing is the worst. Second, and more importantly, the area is starting to move. We had a couple investigators at church this week. We met them on Saturday and they were there the very next day. It Helps when you have a senior couple who can go pick people up. That is one of the biggest hurdles I've noticed, Getting people to church who don't have reliable transportation. It happens a lot over here. But it was great to see them at church. I got a new comp this week. His name is Elder McRae. He's a cool guy, and we're going to have a lot of fun together while still getting work done. That's all I really wanted to say this week so..


"She’s so clumsy she could trip over a cordless phone!"
 - Another random guy

 Elder Stark

Elder Stark and Elder Langsmith at the transfer meeting. We had fun, but time to move on!

January 12th
Hello guys,

This week has been a pretty good week. There was one experience that was rather refreshing. We received a referral from church HQ to deliver a bible to someone. This type of thing happens a lot, people see, "Free Bible" and they jump on that. So we were expecting someone who wanted a bible but not really someone who cared to learn about the church. But we get there and This guy comes to the gate and stops us so his dog doesn't bite us and he sits out there with us for a good 15 minutes in the cold asking us what we believe and us asking him what he believes and he ended up inviting us back at a time that his wife wasn't going to be home because she doesn't like meeting new people, it makes her kinda anxious. So we go back and go inside and He asks us all about the restoration and the plan of salvation in kinda round-a-bout ways. But during the conversation I think we covered just about everything. It was awesome to see someone who is actually open and willing to listen and just have a nice conversation with us. It was a great Highlight for the week.

We also found out that my companion will be transferred this week, I will be staying in Harlan for a little while longer. So that will be an interesting change.


"We'll learn ya!"
 - Elder Langsmith

In tribute to my departing companion.

That's all, talk to you later.

Love, Elder Stark

January 5th
Well everyone, It's 2015!! Where has this year gone? It went by so fast but so much happened. People always ask something along the lines of, "looking back on the year, what are your resolutions?" Personally, I don't  like making New Years resolutions. I think things that are worth making resolutions about shouldn't have to wait until the new year to change. That being said, sometimes we do need to stop and take a look at ourselves and recognize changes that need to me made. I encourage all of you to do this. Not for the sake of any New Year's resolutions, do it because it is just some thing that needs to happen. We should all be striving to be better every day. Ok, Now that I am off my soap box I'll tell you a little bit about the week.

We were able to find a couple new investigators this week. We had been working with them for a little while but they never showed much interest in learning but this past time we went over they actually wanted to. So now we are going to start working with them more and hopefully help them progress towards baptism. We are really excited because we haven't had any solid investigators here in quite a while.
New Years was also pretty fun, about as much fun as you can have on new years as a missionary. We went over to the senior couple's house and played some games and ate some good food. We even had sparkling cider. It was a fun night.
Those are just a couple highlights from the week.

"If wishin' was fishin' we'd all be at the lake with our fishin' poles."
 - Dewey Sizemore

Love Y'all.

       Elder Stark

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