Sunday, March 23, 2014

What do we hear from Dallen?  -- a few interesting things:

Elder Stark with his District

Things are going good here. Not much to report.This week has been a pretty boring week here. Just the same old stuff: studying, teaching, and finding new people to teach. Most of our investigators are just slowly progressing but one in particular is doing really well. His name is Ron. He is in his 50s, he's a State trooper, and he has a lot of questions. His wife is a member who fell away when she was a teenager so she knows just about as much as he does at this point. So we're really teaching both of them. He has seen a lot of terrible stuff while on the road as a trooper. A lot of stuff that nobody should have to see. People getting killed and other stuff like that. He knows that there is a God but he just questions 'why would he let stuff like this happen?'. We're trying to resolve that concern as well as get his wife interested in the church again. She has her own set of concerns that I won't go into right now. He will get baptized. I don't know when but he will. He is just a great guy. He told us that if we ever need anything to just call him. That's how great he is.
Tell Grandma Happy Birthday for me. Tell them that I miss them and hope they are doing well. At least the Manwarings have found a place, even if it isn't the best. We have ants here too. Every day we have to make sure they aren't in our food. We've tried to get rid of them but they keep coming back. It's not that bad though.
I heard that Cecil was leaving. Do you know anything about the new guy. Is he supposed to be a good guy or what. I didn't know they were going to replace Cecil any time soon. Tell Brenden Happy Birthday for me. Now he can flirt with girls and all that good stuff. We never know what to get Brenden, he is terrible to shop for. Just get him a computer game and you should be safe. Get him on that learner permit. Well, I guess it doesn't really matter because you're going to England. But it would still be good.

A note to Kaylen:

I found some T-shirts at a thrift shop here in town that were really cool and I thought you would like them. I might even send one home to you if you want. Tell me which one you want. I also have some pictures of my district that you might be interested in. Let me know if you have any more questions and keep in touch.
Is this shirt a better fit for Kaylen or Dallen? Hmmm...Maybe Brenden!

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