Monday, February 10, 2014

A few thoughts from Dallen, sent on Thursday, February 6th:

The MTC is an interesting place. It feels like the days are forever long but the week has gone by pretty fast. It is a place that feels like it bends space and time. The first few days were really rough. I had trouble sleeping, I was getting overloaded with information, and the sleeping schedule was hard to adjust to. In fact I still haven't adjusted. But as soon as it hit Sunday everything started to get better. I was getting into the groove of things and I was starting to sleep better. Now I feel like I know how to do the MTC. We basically live in our classroom except when we are in the cafeteria. we learn a lot and practice applying the stuff we learn with our companions and with our teachers. Speaking of companions, I have two. Elder Maynes from West Jordan and Elder Langsmith form Alabama. They are both very smart guys and seem to know at least kinda what they are doing so they help me out a lot. being in a trio is hard sometimes. We have to try really hard to split speaking time and even then I often don't talk very much. But that is just who I am. But it is also helpful to have an extra mind so we can bounce more ideas and have more thoughts. It definitely has advantages and disadvantages. We have two other Elders in our district. Brown from Pleasant Grove, and Warr from Riverton. They are also just the best guys. Our district is awesome. We all learn from each other....

...Other than all that stuff, the food here is pretty good, the people are all nice, and I am learning a lot. Tell my younger brothers to start getting ready early. Because even if they think they are prepared they aren't no one is. But tell them to be as prepared as they can. It will make everything so much easier. Have fun in London. I wish I could come. I almost forgot about the super bowl. That's crazy. If you have any specific questions let me know. I can't figure out how to attach photos with the stupid MTC computers so I will send you some when I get into the field.

I love you all, Don't forget about me.

Elder Dallen Stark

He leaves for Tennessee early Tuesday morning!


  1. Gotta love him! Glad to hear he's doing so well!

  2. Iam trying to post a message to you Elder Shark but I don't see where you got it. Wanted to say we miss you and I enjoyed your prayers they was from your heart. Shirley Miller